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Adam’s Inn Hosts Its First Wedding!

By Nikki Pisha-Lail
Adam’s Inn Guest and First Bride

I love Adam’s Inn so much that I had my wedding there last Columbus Day Weekend (October 12, 2013). It was the PERFECT location for our backyard D.C. wedding and a great gathering spot for our family and friends.

After we got engaged, my fiancé and I set out to find a small venue to host our 60-70 person wedding. We live in the Adams Morgan neighborhood and had passed by the Inn frequently, so we decided to reach out to them about hosting our fall wedding. For us, it was a wonderful location with a great backyard and accommodations for our out of town family and friends.

The staff at the Inn were fantastic! We met with them throughout the year to plan our wedding details, and they communicated with our vendors to make sure everything was in place for our big day. Unfortunately, it rained like crazy the weekend of our wedding, and a lot of last minute changes needed to be made. The Inn was incredibly flexible and accommodating! The owner, Adam, made sure that everything was in place for us and worked to make it as nice as possible despite the uncooperative weather. In the end, we had a beautiful wedding and an incredibly fun event for our family and friends.

In addition to hosting our wedding in the backyard, we also stayed at the Inn for the weekend. We rented out one entire house, as well as the Carriage House, and we stayed there with our family and friends. This was such a fun way to get to spend time with all our out of town guests! It was also nice to have everyone in one location.

The Inn itself is adorable and comfortable, clean and homey. It’s close to public transportation as well as a ton of fun restaurants and bars. I cannot say enough good things about this location!

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