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Does Honda Civic Need 4 Wheel Alignment

Does honda civic need 4 wheel alignment - Its Been 6000 Miles Since Your Last Alignment. Look at your invoice and give us the part numbers. If the steering wheel is sitting at 11 or 1 rather than 12 o clock it takes about a quarter inch of a turn. Never had un-even tire wear from doing it. Just draw a straight line loosen the bolt turn forward or backward depending on how your wheel is off tighten bolts re-measure test drive. Your tires should be balanced and aligned about every 5000 to 6000 miles. As you might probably guess this 4-wheel alignment usually involves an adjustment of all four wheels. Whether its a full 4 wheel alignment rear or front wheel alignment our alignment machines automatically check the angle of your wheels as you pull into our express service bays. If you bought actual struts from Honda for it then your likely fine. A 4-wheel alignment simply gives the tech more adjustment options to get your wheels lined-up to spec.

NCPI sounds like you got taken. Front Camber and Toe are adjustable from the factory. I took my Daughters 2012 Honda Civic into the dealership for an oil change and tire rotation. That way we can tell what they did. Also if you have the chance to lift the front end up on a jack or hoist just give it a good check by shaking side to side and up and down everything should be tight but if there is play go to a certified auto shop and get a suspension check to see whats the issue. A 2- wheel alignment is called a thrust alignment. I think that I paid 60 for my last 4-wheel alignment after shock replacement. A 4-wheel alignment is always the best option as the 2-wheel alignment involves adjustment of only two front or rear tires. I find that hard to believe and having grown up in a family that owned a body shop this sounds somewhat unnecessary to. That fancy machine has a graphic print out that shows the before and after values.

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Its Been 6000 Miles Since Your Last Alignment. I then took the vehicle to a local alignment shop 45 vs 100 that I have done business with in the. If your steering wheel is crooked or pointed to the left or right when you are driving straight then your Honda Civic needs an alignment rapidly. They checked the wheel alignment and indicated a severe toe problem in the rear. He said a wheel alignment should be done or verified before the calibration. Bring your Honda to the dealership for an alignment. My honda dealer continuously tells me that my 08 fit needs to have the wheels aligned every year or every 15K miles. I have no pull or other problems whatsoever but they tell me that newer hondas are not equipped to keep themselves aligned without this yearly maintenance. That fancy machine has a graphic print out that shows the before and after values. Honda Wheel Alignments Home Forums Stay Dirty Lounge Service and Repair Questions Answered Here Honda Wheel Alignments This topic contains 11 replies has 8 voices and was last updated by Tom 6 years 9 months ago.