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Pet Policy

Adam’s Inn welcomes dogs as guests into our hotel in three rooms, in advance with local health codes. Those  3 rooms have exterior entrances (100A, 100B, 15).  Pet owners will be responsible for their canine companions and for any excessive damage they may cause. We require an extra per night charge and a deposit shown as below.

Charge Details
$25.00 per night for the first dog
$10.00 for each additional dog
$100.00 fully refundable damage deposit

Dogs must be trained and well behaved. Dogs may not be left in the room unless in a cage. Dogs must be on leash all times and pets are not permitted in the breakfast rooms or any common areas.

Other Pets

We may consider other pets on a case-by-case basis.

Health and Safety

Adam’s Inn is not liable for the health or safety of any pets.